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    Helixmu Season 19 episode 3
    Muonline Gold points drops Castle Siege: Breaking gates & statue rewards GP
    Icewind Event: Winners and Losers will gain GP
    Kingz Dragon: GP for each party member
    Giant Treasure: Alot of GP and wcoins boxes
    Golden Monsters: GP for each kill
    Every 10 minute online you will receive GP
    Muonline Wcoin drops Earn wcoins by playing events like:
    Blood castle, devilsquare, chaoscastle.
    Slaying medium and higher bosses.

    By voting,inviting friends and character resets.
    Grand resets gives 250.000 wcoins.

    The top 25 monthly winners of:
    bc,cc,ds,duals & voting receives loads of wcoins
    with a maximum of 1.000.000 wcoins!
    Mu online s19 new monster - Muonline season 19 -
    Rebel muonline season19 episode 3 settings
    Muonline Experience Normal xp 2500x (medium) majestic xp 9999x (Medium feeling)
    Muonline Stats 62.000 but can be improved with artifacts, stats items and buffs up to 65.000
    Resets Ingame command /reset at lvl 400, warp back to lorencia. Vip-server stays at spot.
    Muonline Shops All skills at the shops, and some good starter items
    Muonline PvM system All classes have +- the same time needed to kill a top boss. This way all muonline classes are fun to play. Including the new muonline character Illusion Knight Jacquard.

    Top bosses are tested with 2b hp to kill in +- 55s.
    Damage is measured on a boss that does not move nor attack.

    Long range classes:
    DW PvM Boss = fixed - 54s - meteor strike
    ELF PvM Boss = fixed - 53s - multishot / raining arrow
    MG PvM Boss = fixed - 52s -
    havokspear+ene-buff / chaos-blade+charge-buff
    DL PvM Boss = fixed - 53s - windsoul + dark raven att
    SU PvM Boss = fixed - 54s -
    lightning shock(magic) or pollution-ghost + death scythe (curse)
    SLA PvM Boss = fixed - 55s - sword interia + batflock
    LW PvM Boss = fixed - 54s - shining bird + spear storm
    IK PvM Boss = fixed - 55s - illusion avatar + blade storm

    Close range classes: (receive bonus damage)
    - Note (bosses teleports, stuns and freezelock, so you will do less damage at longer range)

    RW PvM Boss = fixed - 37s - ball + magic arrow (fixed position so ball does damage)
    BK PvM Boss = fixed - 38s - fireblow - cycle - twisting (must use combo skill)
    LM PvM Boss = fixed - 45s - ball + ultimate force (fixed position so ball does damage)
    GC PvM Boss = fixed - 48s - bursting flare + dark plasma (fixed position so ball does damage)
    GL PvM Boss = fixed - 50s - magic pin
    RF PvM Boss = fixed - 50s - spirit hook

    Muonline PvP system All classes have +- the same win chance, different builds and item choices decides if you go for slow(defense) or fast(attack) pvp style.

    On top of this config we build a PVP bonus class system, this means every character has a bonus power against 1 other class. This bonus you will notice once equipping the same (higher) sets.

    1 -DK pvp bonus power VS = SLAYER
    2 -DW pvp bonus power VS = ILLUSION KNIGHT
    3 -ELF pvp bonus power VS = SUMMONER
    4 -MG pvp bonus power VS = LEMURIA
    5 -DL pvp bonus power VS = RUNE WIZARD
    6 -SU pvp bonus power VS = DARK WIZARD
    7 -RF pvp bonus power VS = GUN CRUSHER
    8 -GL pvp bonus power VS = DARK KNIGHT
    9 -RW pvp bonus power VS = RAGE FIGHTER
    10 -SLA pvp bonus power VS = WHITE WIZARD
    11 -GC pvp bonus power VS = DARK LORD
    12 -LW pvp bonus power VS = MAGIC GLADIATOR
    13 -LM pvp bonus power VS = GROWL LANCER
    14 -IK pvp bonus power VS = ELF

    This system allows you to build a character to counter top players specific builds, and forces the use of all classes during guild events.

    Muonline Specials Many new jewels, upgrades ruud apocalypse sets to maximum kingz dragon set. New special events, extra bosses and loads of to discover
    Guild Events Daily Icewind Event, Couple of time a week Arca wars, every 1 week Castle Siege. Amazing rewards special jewels & GP
    -RUUD jewel
    -Black and Orange jewel
    Muonline commands
    /reset Reset your muonline character so you gain more free points to spend on your character stats
    /pkclear Clears your PK status for if you PKed too many muonline players
    /post [msg] Global communication on the current mu online server.
    /gpost [msg] Global muonline communication between muservers and musubservers
    /evoquest Finish your character class quest - a faster way to get to 4th class -
    Quest1&2 - requires lvl 220
    Quest3 - requires lvl 400
    Quest4 - requires lvl 800
    /addstr & /decstr [p] ads & substracts muonline statpoints from the attribute strength
    /addagi & /decagi [p] ads & substracts muonline statpoints from the attribute agility
    /addvit & /decvit [p] ads & substracts muonline statpoints from the attribute vitality also called stamina
    /addene & /decene [p] ads & substracts muonline statpoints from the attribute energy
    /addcmd & /deccmd [p] ads & substracts muonline statpoints from the attribute command (only applies for the darklord)
    /offlevel Level up in muonline while being offline - requires VIP and 50 wcoins par minute
    /hideicon Hides your mu online VIP status for other people
    /npc Opens up the muonline potion store
    /ware Opens your muonline warehouse
    /regicewind Register for the muonline PvP event Ice wind castle, only guild masters can register
    /events Opens muonline events information, press f5 and f4 to read the full message.
    /whisper [on/off] Stops or enables muonline player whispers to your character. (handy if somebody is spamming you)
    /requests [on/off] Stops or enables muonline player requests (handy if a mu online player is spamming you)
    /events Opens muonline events information, press f5 and f4 to read the full message.
    Mu Online Season 19 Episode 3: A Super Cool Game Adventure!

    Hey there, little gamers! Mu Online Season 19 Episode 3 is like the newest, most awesome game in the world. It's like a big, magical story that you get to be a part of. Imagine a land full of adventures, where you can do cool things and meet amazing characters. This article is all about why Mu Online Season 19 Episode 3 is so much fun!

    Exciting Story and Magic:
    In Mu Online Season 19 Episode 3, you become a hero in a land of magic and danger. There are quests and mysteries waiting for you! You'll discover secrets about a place called Mu and find powerful things to help you in big battles. It's like being in a super cool storybook!

    Awesome Pictures and Colors:
    This game looks fantastic! The pictures are so pretty, and everything is so colorful. It's like stepping into a world of magic and fun. The game makers worked really hard to make it look amazing, and it's like playing in a magical painting!

    New Hero Friends: Angel Heroes and Knight Illusions:
    Guess what? In Mu Online Season 19 Episode 3, you can be a special hero called the Divine Archangel. This hero has super cool powers and can do amazing things in battles. There's also a friend called the Illusion Knight who is really strong too! You get to choose which hero you want to be and go on adventures together.

    Super Battles and Adventures:
    You can play with other kids from around the world! There are battles where you can show how good you are, and adventures in dungeons with big monsters. It's like playing hide and seek with magical creatures and winning awesome treasures!

    New Games and Toys:
    In Mu Online Season 19 Episode 3, they added new ways to play. You can make super powerful things and make your hero even stronger. It's like having lots of new toys to play with and making your hero the coolest in the whole game!

    Team Battles and Castle Wars:
    You can join a team with your friends and try to take over special places. It's like playing a big game of tag, but with castles! Work together with your friends to win and get amazing rewards. Teamwork makes the game even more fun!

    Updates and Parties:
    The game makers are always making it better! They add new things to do and have special parties in the game. It's like having a birthday party with lots of games and surprises. There's always something new and fun happening in Mu Online Season 19 Episode 3!

    The End - Time to Play!
    So, Mu Online Season 19 Episode 3 is like the coolest game ever. It's full of adventures, magic, and fun friends. If you play, you'll have the best time ever! Get ready for a super awesome adventure in the magical world of Mu!
    Currently this is only one server.
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