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    Mu online - 19E3 - new epic patch - April 2024

    Discover Exciting Changes in MU Online!

    Hey there, adventurers! Are you ready for some thrilling updates in MU Online? Lets dive into the latest developments together!

    Prepare yourself for an array of exciting changes and new features waiting for you in the world of MU Online!

    • [NEW] Power Chicken Mini-Event: Join the feathered frenzy of the Power Chicken mini-event and earn fantastic rewards!

    • [ADD] Ability Card Mixes in ChaosBox: Now configure Ability Card mixes in ChaosBox for even more customization!

    • [MOD] Extended Schedulers: Enjoy extended scheduling in events like Arca Battle, Acheron Guardian, and Loren Deep for more adventure time!

    • [MOD] BonusEvent Configuration: Fine-tune your BonusEvent to the minute for a tailored gaming experience!

    • [FIX] Zen-Free Item Drops: Bid farewell to unwanted Zen drops from item boxes - issue resolved!

    • [FIX] Stacking Abilities: Stacked abilities straightened out for balanced gameplay!

    • [FIX] Map Entry Limits: Explore freely without getting stuck at map entry limits - problem solved!

    • [FIX] Item Glow Effect: Enjoy a brighter glow effect on your items with the AntiLag plugin!

    • [FIX] Labyrinth Rewards: Labyrinth reward issues resolved - claim what you deserve!

    • [FIX] Monster Kill Counter: CryWolf monster kill counter fixed for accurate tracking!

    • [FIX] Inventory Bundle Option: Inventory bundle option now works correctly for elemental items!

    • [FIX] Off-Mode Character Issues: Off-mode characters summoned by party master now function without issues!

    • [FIX] Muuns Repair in Off-Level Mode: Muuns repair now functions during Off-Level mode!

    • [FIX] Flags Shop Translation: Text translation for Flags Shop at Guild Master NPC is now possible!

    • [FIX] Configuration Issues: Various configuration issues resolved for smoother gameplay!

    • [MOD] Updated Configurations: Default configurations updated for smoother gameplay experiences!

    • [MOD] Tradable Vipwing Jewels: Vipwing jewels can now be traded for increased flexibility!

    • [MOD] Flag Options Enabled: Flag options now available for higher-level gameplay!

    • [FIX] XShop Wcoins Bug: XShop Wcoins issue fixed for smoother transactions!

    • [MOD] Siege Time Adjustment: Siege time now set for Saturdays instead of Mondays for better participation!

    • [FIX] Virusscanner False Positives: False positive detection on many virusscanners resolved for smoother gameplay!

    • [FIX] Boss Event Stability: Boss event stability improved for a more enjoyable experience!

    • [MOD] Increased PVM Skill Damage: Light Wizards PVM skill damage increased for better balance!

    • [FIX] Light Wizard PVM Bug: PVM bug with Light Wizard fixed for smoother gameplay!

    • [FIX] Fast Kill Glitch: Glitch causing fast kills fixed for fairer gameplay!
    Posted 10-04-2024
    Currently this is only one server.
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