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    Mu online - new client - Helixmu

    Greetings, valiant HelixMU adventurers! We have some updates for you – a recent glitch surfaced in the system due to a hardware hiccup, but fret not, the issue has been swiftly resolved, and there's no need to worry about any progress loss. Your game is back, and it's more robust than ever!

    Here's the breakdown: Recently, we encountered a minor hiccup in one of the computer components that keeps the game running smoothly. Picture it as a brief pause during your exciting online journey. The good news is our tech maestros leaped into action, addressed the problem, and the most exciting part is, none of your well-earned achievements were impacted. No need to rewind or sacrifice anything – everything remains as splendid as before!

    So, dive back into the realm of HelixMU. Your characters, gear, and quests are all secure and awaiting your return. For additional updates or if you fancy discussing this technical adventure with fellow players, head over to the official HelixMU website.

    We appreciate your patience during this tech hiccup. Now, let's resume conquering challenges, leveling up, and reveling in the thrilling universe of HelixMU! 🚀🎮

    Posted 03-01-2024
    Currently this is only one server.
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